We make organizations digitally successful

Marketeers rely more than ever on technology and this will only increase in the future. GX Software has unrivaled experience in helping you manage all your content, data and personalizations.

We’re here to help you with everything from developing a strategy to seeing it through to its technical realization and we provide all the support you need during the lifetime of your implementation. We build the smartest solutions for your marketing challenges so you can offer your customers the best digital experience.

This is what we do with:


Your trusted content available in apps too

That almost all organizations have websites is an obvious fact, but apps are not always automatically a part of their digital strategy. Times are changing rapidly, however. In many cases, content is the same on both platforms and there can be a lot of it. The problem for many organizations is that they often need to manage that content for different platforms separately. Sometimes even different people or departments are responsible for websites and apps.
The solution is to have just one CMS which serves both platforms at the same time. GX Software’s CMS, XperienCentral, is the perfect basis for meeting this challenge.


The right message, for the right visitor, on the right channel

Showing every visitor the same message is not effective. What does work is customised messages for each visitor. On every channel, on each device and at any given moment. Personalization, in short.
We help organisations personalize their digital channels. From websites and email to webshops and advertising. Using our smart profiling technology, we recognize each visitor and select the most relevant message for him or her at that precise moment. Just watch your conversions shoot up.

This is how we tackled the personalization challenge for social security bureau UWV

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Digital selfservice

From changes to complaints: make life easy for the customer

Digital self-service is no longer just about changing an address or telephone number. People do everything online: they check account and data balances, they cancel services, they ask for information, they fix appointments and so on.
The better organized your online customer support, the lighter the workload for your physical support team. We can help you achieve this because everything hinges on how you build your backend processes and systems. Whether it’s about a simple webform or complex customer accounts: a smooth integration is crucial. And that’s precisely what we at GX are good at.


A powerful website ready for a lot of visitors

A website used to be your digital calling card. Now it is a crucial sales and support channel: visitors place orders, change their subscription, submit complaints, look for information and so on.
The ease of all these interactions depends completely on the technology supporting your website. We are specialists in this form of content management. Our architects, engineers and front-end developers build robust websites that are the beating heart of your digital business operations.

Data science & intelligence

From insights to targeted actions

Gathering data and the need to have good insight into it isn’t new. However, the amount of data organizations are collecting is increasing exponentially and so is the complexity of the techniques needed to derive useful insights from all that data. And the biggest challenge of all is  executing successful marketing actions based on that data and its corresponding insights.
The Data Science & Intelligence consultants at GX help you kick off successful marketing initiatives. We can help you identify the most important data and assist you in developing the best algorithms to crunch that data. Working together, we help you make your data directly contribute to marketing results.

Customer data platform

GX, the #1 BlueConic implementation partner

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) helps you to build the most complete customer data profiles which can be used for omnichannel content personalization. BlueConic, a GX spin-off, is a market leading CDP.
GX services more than 150 BlueConic customers and is the most experienced and successful BlueConic implementation partner. Customers like ING, T-Mobile, AFC Ajax and KPN benefit on a daily basis from successful marketing campaigns based on BlueConic customer profiles.


From weekly bulk to real-time one-to-one emails

Surprise a customer on his or her birthday with a discount on a weekend trip. To the destination he or she was checking out only a few days earlier. It won’t come as a shock to you that emails convert more powerfully if they respond to the profile of the receiver.
And that is exactly what we can do for you. We couple your content and customer data bases to email software. Now you can automatically send emails that are just right for the recipient. Such personalized emails also give your target groups a gentle push in the right direction towards your landing page. Two KPIs for the price of one in other words!

This is how we tackled the email automation challenge at train operator NS International

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Customer data and analytics

Data-driven marketing thanks to 360° customer profiles

Customer data is the lifeblood of marketing. Unfortunately, this data doesn’t create itself. You have to find it, collect it and make it relevant to your purpose.

Data experts help you do just that. They build a central customer data platform and connect that platform with all real-time online and offline sources. This gives you up-to-date and complete customer profiles 24/7, paving the way for data-driven marketing.

Conversion optimization

More clicks, more conversions, more turnovers

How do you boost subscriptions to your newsletter? How do you sell more products in your webshop? How do keep the Cost Per Acquisition of your adverts as low as possible? How do get more click-throughs for your emails?
Our conversion specialists know the answers to these questions. They find the opportunities that you are missing as well as the best ways to use them. They analyse, test and run different campaigns so you can hit those all-important KPIs.

This is how we tackled the conversion challenge for the recruitment firm YoungCapital

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Continuous Delivery & Integration are essential for an optimal CX

Always online! It’s unthinkable for your website to go offline for an update. Sounds logical but that’s not always possible. At GX, continuous delivery and continuous integration are top priorities in customer projects.
Continuous integration makes it easy for developers to work on the same software in parallel and receive feedback quickly. This increases efficiency and raises quality levels. Continuous delivery ensures that new software can be released quickly, simply and without interruptions. In this way, customer experience is hardly affected.

App development

Make your content available on all mobile devices

More and more, mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) are of crucial importance to your customer communication. To optimize the benefits of accessing mobile platforms, you must develop apps.
The power of GX is app development tightly connected with XperienCentral. The  Headless edition of XperienCentral is a perfect fit as the CMS for your apps. You manage content, forms and integrations for your apps and websites and our developers build the app that makes that channel operational for you.


Seamless integration with all your relevant applications and data sources

The portal area on your website only works as desired if perfect integrations exist with supporting business applications and data sources. However, other online applications often need data from a CRM, ERP or calculation system, for example.
GX technical consultants have realized hundreds of integrations. They can overcome any challenge. Using the powerful interactive forms engine, they bring business logic to your customers on every channel needed.

Full stack development

All the digital development expertise you need

Marketing technology requires constant attention. Customers and markets change continuously and demand immediate improvements, adjustments and the streamlining of all your digital channel customer interactions.
Having all the required expertise in one place is a great thing! For GX it’s fine if you need front- or backend development work, or if you want to do a redesign or develop an app. Using the most state of the art (open source) technologies and agile operations, we help you achieve results rapidly.


Complete carefree MarTech infrastructure

GX takes complete care of the technical management of your marketing technology stack whether it is a small, shared environment or a large, fully dedicated system with custom settings focused on your unique situation. We are, in fact, the technical focal point of your organization’s online presence and ensure its flawless performance.
We are experts in hosting online applications and websites, supporting and facilitating certificate requests, DNS management, managing backups and how to get the most out of cloud services. Thanks to our 24/7 service, we are always there to help.