Working together for online growth

We are digital creators. Together, we make your organization digitally successful. Together, we shape your digital strategy. We start from customer experience, usability, digital accessibility, and scalability and only then do we develop your new website, web application, self-service environment, portal, and/or intranet. Our sole purpose is to optimize customer experiences. And we don't disappear when everything goes live because that's actually when our collaboration truly begins: within the scrum team, we continue to test, develop, and optimize all your digital channels.

Based on over 25 years of experience and the latest technologies, we advise and implement the best digital solutions.


Digital as a business driver

A robust IT landscape is not only essential for a solid organization but also opens up new business opportunities. Digital ambitions and business are inherently interconnected.

Your new digital platform requires more than just an online translation of your corporate identity. A website is more than just your organization's online business card. A self-service environment is more than an information carrier for your customers or end-users. And an e-commerce website is more than just a sales channel.

Based on your desires, principles, and specifications, we determine the right path. Your business is always our starting point.

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Een echt partnerschap

A true partnership

We have all the necessary expertise under one roof. Our team of over 100 digital experts is ready to take on any challenge. With a positive, proactive, and customer-oriented mindset, we are always looking for a realistic and sustainable solution.

We ensure that all your channels seamlessly integrate with all your underlying systems. Your digital channels come together in a suitable IT architecture.

With our proven track record, which includes over 25 years of experience and our leading expertise in digital development, we guide organizations towards maximum online success.

Here are some of our clients

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Obvion - Slider - Kleur
Oostendorp - Slider - Kleur
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Trusted by over 150 clients

From national and regional governments to e-commerce and retail, from B2B market leaders to educational institutions and financial service providers. Our clients have one common characteristic: the ambition to work towards digital success through intensive partnership.

This is what we do

We map out your current digital situation and assess processes and the IT landscape. Your business is always our starting point; based on that, we shape a digital strategy.

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Our architects, engineers, and front-end developers build robust, user-friendly websites that form the beating heart of your digital experience. And it's always tailor-made.

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When you implement a new digital platform, new opportunities arise due to the setup of a new CMS, but also new questions and tasks. We completely take care of this process for you.

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We have all UX/UI expertise under one roof: from wireframe to development, with a strong focus on Digital Accessibility.

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Test automation provides an organization with the ability to continuously and effortlessly test developed software at any desired moment, using fewer resources. The earlier a software bug is detected, the lower the costs to resolve it.

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Thanks to our professional hosting management, we can monitor and manage all your servers, applications, and cloud hosting for you.

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GX is brimming with enthusiasts who are eager to assist you. We support our clients with software-based services, ranging from back-end to front-end, covering both development work and the redesign of your corporate website.

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