Digital Accessibility

An inclusive digital experience for everyone

Digital accessibility, a world full of possibilities! It may seem like a complex topic, especially when you consider that everyone has different needs and limitations. But we are here to guide you on the way.

What is digital accessibility exactly? It means ensuring that digital technologies and content are accessible to everyone, regardless of their individual abilities. We understand that digital accessibility is a vital factor for an inclusive society, and we strive to make it possible for everyone. Whether you have visual, auditory, motor, or cognitive impairments, we want everyone to fully participate in the digital world.

Een inclusieve digitale ervaring voor iedereen.

Why Digital Accessibility with GX

  • Extensive expertise and experience. We understand various limitations and technologies
  • Receive a comprehensive audit of your digital environment to identify accessibility issues
  • Guidance in optimizing your digital environment for accessibility
  • Training sessions to raise awareness about the principles of digital accessibility

Is your digital environment fully accessible?

For (semi-)governmental institutions, it has been mandatory for years to make websites accessible. And also, companies, healthcare, and welfare organizations understand the importance of Digital Accessibility.

With the GX Digital Accessibility Audit, you'll know exactly where you stand. Learn more.

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A digital world without boundaries

Where all people, regardless of their limitations or background, have equal access to digital information and technology.

This is what we do

To assess the current state of your digital environment.
Improving your digital channels based on the outcomes from the audit.
We share our knowledge about digital accessibility and raise awareness.
One platform where you can continuously test your channels for digital accessibility.
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