What is test automation?

Software changes, sometimes even on a daily basis. Do you work with ever-changing software? Then you're aware that testing your software (-and everything connected to it) frequently is very important.  You are probably also familiar with manual testing, which is time-consuming and prone to error.   

Testing new functionalities and basic functionalities is a recurring- and labour-intensive process for many organizations. Fortunately, it is possible to automate this process. We would like to show you how to do things differently.

Test automation allows organizations to test developed software continuously and at any time. Automated testing requires fewer resources than manual testing: if a software bug is found in an early stage, the cost of fixing it is much lower.


Automated testing: the perfect solution 

Are you looking for an alternative to manual testing? Discover the benefits of test automation:

  • Test more. Thanks to an automated test that, with every run, tests more than just the altered components. The test engineer writes a script and complements it whenever new components are added.
  • Test faster. Running tests and creating reports requires less time than manual testing. Therefore, you can test a lot more in a shorter period. 
  • Test thoroughly. Minor changes no longer stand out if you have seen a page many times. A missing CTA on a new layout can have significant financial consequences, but an automated testing system will notice and point out this issue immediately!

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But there is more

In addition to automating the testing process for basic functionalities, APIs, databases and Visual Regression, you can go one step further. GX can help you with:

  • Testing digital accessibility. Digital inclusion and accessibility of your website is very important. In addition to the fact that you wish all your users a pleasant experience, it is required by law for a growing amount of industries to have things in order. 

  • Testing User Experience (UX). In regards to a pleasant user experience, UX design needs to be addressed. In the context of product or service offering, people often focus primarily on a certain problem and solving it as good as possible. Because of this, one quickly loses sight of usability: if you have pushed a fix, can users still use your software in an easy way?

Do you want to know what test automation can do for you?

I have experienced the great potential of automated testing with various customers. So, how can you automate your testing process? Let me join you in your orientation process.

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