A website designed for your target audience

User Experience and User Interface are the foundation of a good website. An ideal user experience is wrapped in an attractive and watertight package. Integrating with a (headless) CMS, and content management has become easier than ever.

Add smart profiling technology in order to recognize profiles based on first-party data. Doing so means that visitors will receive the most relevant message at the right moment. This combination of UI, UX, and personalization leads to the ultimate Customer Experience. Our team of experienced UI and UX specialists collaborates with you to create the best online experience.

Een website ontworpen voor jouw doelgroep

Why work with GX on UX/UI?

  • Quickly assess the state of your website or app with a UX audit
  • Thorough research upfront for the ideal user experience
  • All UI/UX expertise under one roof: from wireframe to development
  • Strong focus on and knowledge of digital accessibility
  • Harness the power of data and collaborate with data experts in order to enhance Customer Experience.

The expectation of your customer

A website that looks good is good. A website with a great customer experience is better. A stunning website with a perfect customer experience converts and that's what we aim for.

This is what we do

Let one of our UI/UX specialists test the user-friendliness of your website or app.
Research the behavior, needs, and attitudes of your users and align your website even better with them.
From transitions to animations and micro-interactions: determine what happens when a user clicks on various website elements.
A website that is easy, intuitive, and accessible contributes to an even better customer experience.
Involve users early on and test how easy to use your website or app actually is.
With a clear information structure, you ensure a seamless experience where users can easily find all the necessary information.
Every design starts with a solid foundation, and that foundation begins with a wireframe.
Ensure that your website and app are usable for everyone, including the millions of people with disabilities.
Increased engagement, higher satisfaction, and improved loyalty - that's true personalization.
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