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Fast and agile towards a successful CMS implementation

We have 25 years of experience and are fully attuned to smooth and successful implementations of a new CMS. Based on an agile process, we define objectives, actions, and remain flexible throughout the entire process, from configuration to migrating existing content, extensive testing, and user training.

As a customer, you are at the helm of our collaboration - in turn, we advise you on next steps and sprints. The market doesn't stand still, so your new website will need continuous development and we'll continue to support you at every step throughout the whole process.

Snel en wendbaar naar een succesvolle CMS implementatie
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XperienCentral is a well-established name in the world of CMSs. It is based on our vision of in-context editing and offers everything you would expect from a scalable Content Management System, specifically designed for enterprises. XperienCentral is available in three configurations: Headful, Headless, and Hybrid.

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Why a CMS implementation by GX?

  • Comprehensive options. XperienCentral is available in three configurations: headful, headless, and hybrid
  • An always up-to-date implementation of the most recent release
  • Years of experience with the development, usage, and implementation of XperienCentral
  • Comprehensive documentation always available online

A new website without worries

XperienCentral holds no secrets for us. This way, you always end up with a perfectly functioning CMS. That's a guarantee we provide.

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