As an organization you want to know your customers from the first moment they make contact, whatever channel or device they are using. And not only that: each contact point must logically build on all previous interactions, both online and offline. With XperienCentral you are empowered to reach that goal.

Customers for Life

XperienCentral is an extremely flexible Customer Experience Management solution. A wide range of prominent organizations has long been relying on the software to engage their customers in highly relevant conversations. Among others, XperienCentral is used by the insurer Nationale-Nederlanden, legendary footbal club Ajax, UWV, a Dutch government body that looks after social security payments, telecoms giant Telfort, and the Dutch arm of the World Wildlife Fund. With XperienCentral you offer every customer exactly the right message, based on previous behaviors and current needs. The result? Customers for life!

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Customers for Life
XperienCentral - Make every experience count

Make every experience count

The success of every contact moment depends on three fundamentals: content, customer insight and interactions. By aligning content with customer insight, you make every customer interaction highly personal and relevant. We really get this – and apply this principle consistently in our software.


XperienCentral is the linchpin of your organization’s Customer Experience Management strategy. You create and archive content, customer data and interactions (the three pillars of Customer Experience Management) in discrete applications. To achieve continuity and guarantee quality it is crucial that all this information can be managed and published centrally.

GX Software customers connect XperienCentral to a range of systems they have in place already. Obvious examples are ERP and CRM systems, but think also of email automation, call center software, and supply chain and analytics solutions. The list of systems with which XperienCentral can connect out of the box gives you a good idea of the many possibilities and functionalities offered by the software. As there is no limit to the number of systems that can be connected, organizations that use XperienCentral gain considerable flexibility for further development, empowering them to make customer communication even more personal, relevant and consistent. On every channel.

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  • Develop personalized corporate websites
  • Launch short-term campaign sites for optimal conversion rates
  • Create a secure environment where customers can store and change personal details
  • Build complex digital applications based on dynamic web forms that are simple to complete
  • Improve offline customer contact by feeding your call center insights about online customer behavior

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Willem Rossieau
Willem Rossieau

chief executive officer

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