Our range of software products is the cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. We have XperienCentral for web content management, BlueConic as your customer data platform and InteractiveForms for smart web forms and secure log-ins. With these components in place, every contact moment flows logically from all previous interactions, regardless of whether these took place online or offline.


You can only create an exceptional customer experience with content that is relevant and personalized. Our content management system XperienCentral lets you create, manage and publish all this content from one central place. Whether you are a sole trader or a multi-national, XperienCentral will help you reach your customers at all times on the right channel everywhere with the right personalized message.


If you do not know what matters to your customers, how can you communicate with them effectively? To bring you closer to your customers, the data platform BlueConic collects every scrap of customer data. The platform pulls data from your own business apps as well and adds this to the information customers surrender in real time on any of your channels. The result? Complete and up-to-date profiles that instantly and at any given moment bring your customers alive. In this way, you are always offering the most relevant and personalized message.


Forms are digital interactions in which question and answer, in the form of fields and data, succeed each other continuously and seamlessly. They enable organizations to be ready to help each and every customer, no matter when. So there is every reason to design these crucial interactions carefully. To this end, GX Software has developed its advanced form methodology InteractiveForms.

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Content, customer data and interactions are created within many different channels. To assure the continuity and quality of your customer experience management, you want to integrate these three elements. To achieve this, we offer a range of connectors to couple your applications and merge content, customer data and interactions into an actionable and coherent whole. So you can keep the apps you like and make your customer communication more personalized, more relevant and more consistent across all systems and channels.  


  • develop personalized corporate websites
  • launch short-term campaign websites to maximize conversion
  • create secure accounts log-ins where customers can find and modify personal details
  • design dynamic web forms
  • use customer data in real time to deliver personalized and relevant content

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Willem Rossieau
Willem Rossieau

chief executive officer

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