Test Automation

A good automated testing process prevents human errors

Testing a web application containing hundreds of pages and thousands of forms - where do you start? You need to make choices, especially when there are deadlines, which may reduce your test coverage. And because it involves human work, a mistake can easily be made, a mistake that can cost you a lot.

With test automation, you save money and time, without making human testers redundant. No more repetitive, error-prone work, but instead, smart and precise testing done by a computer. We assist you throughout the process - before, during, and after the implementation.

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Van handmatig naar geautomatiseerd testen

From manual to automated testing

Test automation provides an organization with the opportunity to test developed software continuously, effortlessly, and at any desired moment with fewer resources. The earlier a software bug is found, the lower the costs to fix it.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of test automation? Read our whitepaper.

Why Test Automation with GX?

  • Immediate visibility into the time and cost savings of test automation with the savings tool
  • Automation of the testing process for core functionalities, APIs, as well as digital accessibility, UX, and more
  • Get started on your own with the test automation
  • Proven success where existing clients save an average of more than 50 human work hours per month

Better and faster testing

With every update, check if everything is still in place and running smoothly. At any moment in the development process. This means you can test with fewer resources and fewer errors, but with better results. We'll show you how to do this with Test Automation. Because seeing is believing.

This is what we do

Your own SaaS platform that automates all your tests, generates reports, and monitors functionality for availability.
Expertise and guidance in organizing automated tests. We support you in setting up the foundation, writing reusable helper functions, and even with writing and maintaining tests.
We share our knowledge about test automation and the skills required for writing automated tests. We do this based on our standard training offerings, but of course, customized training is also possible.
Digital inclusion and general accessibility of your website are of great importance. Besides providing every user with a pleasant experience, it is becoming increasingly legally obligatory for many industries to have these aspects in order. Find out how test automation can help you with accessibility
Often, there is a lot of focus on identifying a problem and finding the best possible solution with a product or service. But can the user actually execute your solution easily? This user experience can also be thoroughly tested.
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