Our philosophy involves creating a comprehensive 360° customer view by leveraging the capabilities of a Customer Data Platform. We can assist you throughout the CDP decision-making process, from compiling a shortlist to assessing and comparing different platforms. Leveraging our extensive network and partnerships with top CDP providers we will ensure you choose the ideal Customer Data Platform (CDP) aligned with your organization objectives.

Unify & Comply

A 360° customer view based on first-party data

Making data-driven decisions requires a well-defined and preferably identifiable customer profile. Obtaining customer consent to use their data is essential.

We support organizations in data management by centralizing and ensuring the quality of first-party data and enriching that data through collaboration and under data governance. That's how you harness the full potential of this valuable data for effective marketing initiatives.

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Collect & Integrate

Enrich your data with the right integrations

Setting up an integrated data technology stack is essential for every data-driven organization. We work closely with your organization to identify and capture relevant data points.

Through leveraging advanced technologies, we collect and integrate first-party customer data, such as personal information, behavioral, and transactional data from all relevant online channels and systems. That is how you gain a complete view of your customers' journey.

Here are some of our customers

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Why work with GX on maximizing value from customer data?

  • Leading CDP market knowledge within our team of data experts, architects, software developers, and data scientists
  • Partnerships with best-in-class CDP platforms and other customer data tooling
  • Proven track record CDP implementations for national and international organizations from various industries
  • Our integrated data solutions are reliable, scalable, automated, innovative, and real-time

Customer Case

Read how Roularta Media Group ensures data privacy with consent management in BlueConic.

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Our Technology

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This is what we do

From creating a shortlist to evaluating and comparing various platforms, we guide and support you in selecting the right Customer Data Platform (CDP) drawing upon our network and partnerships with leading CDP providers. You can always rely on our in-depth knowledge of CDPs and the industry to make a choice that perfectly aligns with your objectives.
We guide you through the entire process, from planning to execution, with a tailored approach focused on achieving your business objectives. Data integration, system configuration, user training – we handle it all so you can quickly leverage the power of your new CDP.
As experts in achieving a holistic understanding of your customers, we implement and configure advanced technologies like CDPs and cloud solutions. Not only do we ensure seamless and secure data integration, but we also emphasize on making it readily available and actionable for your organization.
Creating a unified customer view relies on effective identity and privacy resolution. We excel at recognizing and matching customer profiles across various devices, channels, and platforms using deterministic rules or probabilistic models. We also link these profiles to households or companies. With a privacy-first approach, strict regulations and platform settings, we ensure compliance and data protection while delivering valuable insights for your organization.
We implement strong strategies for Master Data Management (MDM), ensuring data accuracy, consistency, and integrity across various systems and processes. By establishing a centralized and standardized data model, we assist your organization in eliminating duplicate and conflicting data, improving data quality and reliability. Whether it's data management, integration, or quality management, we provide the necessary tools and expertise to optimize data utilization.
In addition to creating a comprehensive first-party data profile, we facilitate the use of data clean rooms. These data clean rooms provide controlled environments for secure second-party data collaboration and analysis while preserving individual user privacy. As an organization, you can unlock the full potential of your data assets in a cookieless environment while maintaining a high level of privacy protection.
A comprehensive customer profile is created by combining internal and external data sources. Subsequently, our team of skilled architects and engineers ensures a seamless integration of these data sources. The result? Effective data enrichment.
Interest, preference, and behavioral data consistently provide the most accurate predictions of future behavior. That's why we prioritize collecting this data at the beginning of our projects. Because with this data, you can immediately personalize the customer journey and deliver tailored experiences.
Collecting transactional data is crucial for organizations as it provides valuable insights into customer behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns. We effectively capture and store your time-based events, such as product orders, and translate them into actionable data and valuable insights.
For the accurate and reliable collection and management of data sources, your datalayer and metadata are incredibly important. Our tailored solutions streamline processes, improve data quality, and enable better analytics and decision-making. And by optimizing your datalayer, you will unlock the full potential of your data assets.
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, we offer open and in-comapny training courses for all user levels. In 3 to 4 hour sessions, you will enhance your skills in Data and CDPs under the guidance of experienced GX trainers.
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