The innovative products of GX Software empower you to engage with your online audience across all your channels to build valuable customer relationships. With GX Software products you can achieve your business goals and outperform competition by delivering the best customer experiences and engagement across online channels like websites, social media, mobile and others.

XperienCentral: Web Content Management

XperienCentral is the first Web Content Management system (WCM) that has the customer at its center. It enables you to continuously offer experiences from your prospect’s or customer’s point of view. XperienCentral is enterprise ready and excels in its usability managing web, social and mobile channels.
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BlueConic: Customer-driven Online Engagement

Start the journey together with your customers by listening to them and entering into meaningful dialogues, with Customer-driven Online Engagement. Using the right message at the right time and place will increase the online experience of your audience and result in a higher sales attribution per channel.
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