Case: Ajax

Fans of international soccer club Ajax have strong ties with their club. Nevertheless, Ajax still has to put effort in maintaining and reinforcing the relationship with its (online) visitors. That is why Ajax started searching for a solution that would bring the loyalty of its fans to the next level.
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Case: ANWB

With 4 million members, the Dutch mobility association ANWB is the largest association in the Netherlands. The organization does everything to retain and better serve its customers. That is why ANWB started working with BlueConic. This online engagement solution enables ANWB to give visitors the most suitable cross and upsell offers based on demonstrated online visitor behavior.
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Case: NBTC

With more than 10 offices in Europe, North America and Asia, the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions (NBTC) is responsible for the worldwide promotion of the Netherlands as an attractive destination for holidays, business meetings and conventions. With the current offline and online marketing efforts, NBTC is able to attract 11 million people to visit the Netherlands as a tourist or for conventions, each year.
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Case: PSV

Creating loyal fans and increasing conversion ratios on ticket sales. This is what PSV has achieved in a short period of time by the use of BlueConic. How? More online relevancy across all channels. Read all about it in this case study.
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Case: Voetbal International

VI, part of WPG Uitgevers, publishes independent soccer news. With extensive reports, statistics and interviews, VI keeps the public up-to-date on all national and international developments in top soccer. Voetbal International (VI) has completely renewed its online channels.
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Case: Wageningen UR

Wageningen UR is a collaboration between Wageningen University and a number of specialized research institutes. By using GX Software’s CMS, Wageningen UR has considerably increased conversion on its website. The visitor click-through rate is higher, visitors download content faster and they e-mail or call the listed contact persons more often.
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Case: WPG Publishers

WPG Publishers is a multimedia organization that holds more than 25 independent brands under its umbrella. WPG was looking for a solution that would let them know upfront who their site visitors are at any given time, allowing them to show relevant content to the proper individual in real-time.
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