The best content management system to make digital channels personal and relevant. That’s XperienCentral.

An experience that’s second to none

The central go-to place where you manage every ‘experience’– that’s XperienCentral. With this powerful content management system (CMS) you personalize your digital channels and make them relevant and consistent. The system is rich in functionalities that make it simple to generate new and personalized content and publish it across different websites and channels.

Our CMS also guarantees that your websites are reliable and accessible and with its open architecture you can easily integrate existing content or other data already in the CSM. All this to help you to continuously create relevant content and engage in personalized dialogue with your customer.

Core components of XperienCentral

  • simple content creation
  • manage cross-channel content
  • secure content editing
  • personalization for maximum impact
  • extremely accessible content
  • integration of content management

These brands use XperienCentral

Simple content creation

  • in-line and in-context editor
  • drag and drop functionalities to import content
  • adaptable environment
  • widget-based dashboard

Cross-channel publication of content

  • a centralized content repository
  • tagging, thesaurus and categories
  • out-of-the-box content breakdowns
  • content integration for distribution to email and mobile apps

Secure editing

  • secure access with SSO integration
  • adaptable workflows and authorizations
  • definable layouts and content types
  • separate house style and design templates

Maximum impact with personalization

  • personalize on basis of segments
  • view personalized content in-line
  • personalize anonymous visitors
  • test and measure variants

Extremely accessible content

  • HTTPS/SSL support
  • high performance caching engine
  • high accessibility
  • full responsive framework

Content management integration

  • a robust Java-platform with open API
  • a plug-in framework for made-to-measure
  • support for complex deployment scenarios
  • out-of-the-box connectors

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Willem Rossieau
Willem Rossieau

chief executive officer

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