The most advanced forms module to personalize customer interaction. That’s InteractiveForms.

Smart forms

Digital forms underpin many crucial processes and are essential for lead conversion. InteractiveForms makes it possible and easy for organizations to design their own smart and user-friendly forms. This personalizes your interactions: from contact forms and purchase processes to polls and digital requests.

InteractiveForms guarantees that vital business processes remain secure. It makes the deployment of forms more efficient. It gives you reliable and scalable solutions for your most mission-critical conversion goals.

Top functionalities

  • simple design of forms
  • managed centrally
  • process integration
  • scalable delivery

These brands use InteractiveForms

Design made simple

  • intuitive flow designer
  • drag and drop fields editor
  • transactions modelled visually
  • paginated tabs

Centralized management and optimization

  • effective cross-channel publication
  • inline publication of every website
  • workflow and authorization
  • intelligent re-use of (sub)forms

Task integration

  • different out-of-the-box actions
  • connectors with CMS, SSO etc.
  • plugin framework for expansions
  • open API

Personalized forms

  • fields are pre-filled automatically
  • A/B-testing and optimization
  • skips steps logically on the basis of profile information
  • coupling with personalized emails or landing pages

Scalable and reliable delivery

  • various validation rules
  • robust Java-platform
  • high performance caching machine
  • HTTPS/SSL support

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Willem Rossieau
Willem Rossieau

chief executive officer

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