The beste customer data platform for turning customer insights into personal customer communication. That is BlueConic.

Customer data platform

the only way to communicate on a personal level personally is if you know what the customer is doing. Therefore, the customer data platform BlueConic collects all conceivable customer data. For this purpose, the platform retrieves data from your own business applications, andadds data customers 'reveal' real-time on your channels.

By doing so, the application creates a complete and up-to-date customer profile, allowing the entire organization the utilize this insight into your actual customer. this allows you to provide the most relevant message at every moment of contact, and enables your organization to really commit to delivering the ultimate customer experience.

Key components of BlueConic

  • recognize customers on every channel
  • enrich customer profiles
  • turn customer data into customer insights
  • use cross-channel personalization
  • empower customer interactions using customer data

These brands work with BlueConic

Recognize customers on every channel

  • independant technology
  • easily connect channels such as websites, mobile apps, portals, etc.
  • innovative identification-technology
  • 'listeners' to register customer behavior

Enrich customer profiles

  • progressive profiling of every visitor
  • connections for adding CRM- en ERP-data
  • turn anonymous profiles into identifiable visitors

Turn customer data into customer insights

  • 'Insights', your own customer data dashboard
  • 'widgets' to customize your dashboard
  • 'Segments' to segment your customers, based on the progressive profile data

Personal communication

  • a rules-engine for configuring 'interactions'
  • personalization using 'dialogues' (even for anonymous visitors)
  • out-of-the-box integrations with CMS or WCM for managing content

Empower customer interactions

  • distribute personalized dialogues accross all connected channels
  • real-time profile data delivery to other systems
  • out-of-the-box connections with offerings in WCM, email automation, CRM, forms, advertising and social

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Willem Rossieau
Willem Rossieau

chief executive officer

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