The ideal customer data platform to translate customer insight into personalized communication. That’s BlueConic.

Customer data platform

If you do not know what is important to your customers, how can you talk to them meaningfully? To help you do this, the data platform BlueConic collects every scrap of customer data. The platform also pulls data from your own business apps and adds this to the data that customers surrender in real time on any of your channels.

The application creates complete and up-to-date customer profiles that give everyone across the organization a complete and individual picture of the customer. Use every contact moment to the max by offering relevant and personalized messages – it’s the only way to go if you want your customer experience to stand out.

Most important functionalities

  • create a dynamic profile of every custome
  • quickly enhance customer profiles
  • an easy route from customer data to customer insight
  • easy delivery of cross-channel personalization
  • drive perfect customer interactions

These brands use BlueConic

Recognize customers on every channel

  • technologically independent
  • simple connection of channels such as mobile apps and portals
  • innovative identification technology
  • 'listeners' that ‘listen in’ on visitor behavior

Enhance customer profiles

  • progressive profiling of every visitor
  • add CRM and ERP data with connectors
  • create identifiable visitors from anonymous profiles

From customer data to customer insight

  • your own customer data dashboard
  • widgets to design the dashboard you want
  • segmentation (on the basis of dynamic profiles)

Personalized communication

  • a rules engine for smart interactions
  • personalization through dialogue (also of anonymous visitors)
  • integration with your CMS for content management

Drive customer interactions

  • distribution of personalized dialogue across all channels
  • deliver real-time profile data to other systems
  • out-of-the-box connectors with solutions around CMS, email automation, CRM, forms, advertising and social media

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Willem Rossieau
Willem Rossieau

chief executive officer

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