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Our Services Department stands ready for you at all times. By default, we support you in maintaining and using our software. Additionally, we offer a number of extra support modules that you can select from.


As our customer, you naturally have the right to our standard product maintenance. This means that the following services are always cost free for you: - The answer to questions about functionality such as ‘How do I add an image to a content item?’ - Help with disruptions caused by defective code in our software. - The delivery of code that uses our SDK to install product releases.


As a supplement to our standard support, you can also purchase additional support. There are 6 modules that you can choose from and you can also combine multiple modules.

Priority Support With Priority Support we fast-track our normal response time and help solve your problem within a specified timeframe. For example, we can agree to look into your issue within 1 hour after you contact us and to solve the problem within 6 hours.

24/7 Support This module offers support for urgent problems outside of our normal office hours. This means that we will respond seven days per week between 6:00 PM and 8:00 AM (Netherlands time).

US Support Because of the time difference, our customers in the United States have a limited window for contacting us during our normal office hours. With this module, they can contact us during the work week between 6:00 PM and midnight (Netherlands time) which translates to 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM Eastern Standard Time in the United States.

Update Support Each year we release several updates of our software. By default, we provide the code required to install these releases. With Update Support, we install these releases for you. As a result, your software is always automatically updated.

Developer Support Developer Support is very useful for the technical users of our software. If you run into difficulty with, for example, developing code for XperienCentral, this module offers support from our experienced developers.

Dedicated Support With this module, you purchase in advance a set amount of support per week, month, quarter or year. This form of support is flexible and it allows you to decide on a case by case basis what you want to receive support for.

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Casper Reijnen

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