Case on Traffic

  • Increase retention
  • Integrate Social Media
  • Add visitor touchpoints
  • Attract more relevant visitors
Attracting relevant visitors is an important part of any online strategy. A fundamental increase in visitor touchpoints is a major key to success. Generate traffic beyond your corporate websites through mobile channels, search engine marketing and presence in Social Media. More online traffic increases your online results.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

The Dutch International airport 'Schiphol' offers a wide range of channels and websites to reach travelers, personnel and suppliers. Central website not only provides real-time flight information but also contains e-commerce functionality for booking tickets, hotels and car parking.

In addition to the central website the Schiphol Group manages several websites for local airports, premium business travelers, real estate and corporate information. For mobile travelers, Schiphol Group offers a mobile website with the latest travel information, maps and general information. The online environment features a setup that handles heavy traffic loads in case of severe weather changes or incidents.

Search engine marketing techniques increase traffic from search engines and global campaigns. Visitor traffic is directed to relevant parts of the website or to other sub- sites. Visitors have opportunities to buy additional tickets, products or book hotels, which allows you to maximizing your e-commerce results.

International traffic passes not only through physical gates, but also through a flexible online information and e-commerce platform.