Attract and retain relevant visitors

  • Increase retention
  • Integrate Social Media
  • Add visitor touchpoints
  • Attract more relevant visitors
Attracting relevant visitors is an important part of any online strategy. A fundamental increase in visitor touchpoints is a major key to success. Generate traffic beyond your corporate websites through mobile channels, search engine marketing and presence in Social Media. More online traffic increases your online results.

Online Visibility

Most visitors start their online activities with one of the search engines, such as Google. Your ranking in search results and advertising have a large impact on your website traffic. Search engine marketing plays a key role in attracting visitors to your website. GX Software helps you to improve your online visibility in search engines and monitor the effectiveness of your advertising.

Social Media

Integrating social media in your online multi-channel strategy is a must. Your customers spend a lot of time on social networks and in interactive communities. GX Software integrates with social media like Twitter and Facebook and allows you to create your own communities. Enabling visitors to interact and share content increases the number of customer touch points.

Mobile Marketing

The adoption of mobile devices by consumers is booming, providing online marketers with new customer touch points that are highly personal, immediate, social, and contextual. Mobile devices offer great opportunities to deliver customized value to customers, to improve customer loyalty and engagement, and to increase revenue from existing and new products and services. GX Software offers therefore easy-to-use mobile marketing solutions to online marketers who want to launch multi-platform, cost-effective, engaging mobile solutions for their customers.

Multi-channel Presence

With an increasing number of online channels, such as mobile and social, your potential customers reach you from a variety of places. Your strategy must include a multi-channel presence in order to expand your online reach. The GX Software single source approach allows you to easily publish consistent, targeted content across multiple channels. A consistent multi-channel presence attracts more relevant online visitors.