Web Traffic Management benefits

  • Increase retention
  • Integrate Social Media
  • Add visitor touchpoints
  • Attract more relevant visitors
Attracting relevant visitors is an important part of any online strategy. A fundamental increase in visitor touchpoints is a major key to success. Generate traffic beyond your corporate websites through mobile channels, search engine marketing and presence in Social Media. More online traffic increases your online results.

Web Traffic Management benefits

  • More visitor touch points

    Creating multiple online channels and improving your search engine marketing will generate more customer touch points. Boost your search engine ranking or easily set up a mobile website to offer your services to people on the road. Each additional contact moment can lead to a new customer, an enhanced customer experience and better insights into your customer base.

  • Content reuse across channels

    With GX Software's traffic management solution you don't need to generate additional content for your mobile website, video, social media widgets or campaign websites. Reuse existing content and visitor insights in order to speed up time to market, reduce costs and guarantee the consistency of your communication.

  • Reach customers on social media

    Publish your content not only on your corporate websites but also share it on social networking sites such as Youtube, Twitter, Facebook and blogs. As a result, content easily becomes viral which can increase website and social traffic dramatically. The resulting word of mouth and ‘buzz’ around the brand will enhance your branding position. Also, it allows you to launch viral campaigns or aim at specific target groups on social media.

  • Cost-effective mobile solutions

    Marketers need tools to provide mobile solutions for multiple mobile platforms and devices, that fit to their mobile marketing goals and budgets at the same time. GX Software offers therefore powerful mobile web and app solutions for nearly every mobile strategy and related budget. These solutions support multiple mobile platforms, such as iOS and Android. Also, the solutions of GX Software recognizes the device type your visitor is using and automatically adjusts the presentation to the actual screen size, whether the visitor is using a smartphone, feature phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

  • Integrated Solutions for Multi-Channel Marketing

    Your online visitors expect a consistent experience, regardless of the channels they visit. With GX Software, you are using an integrated set of solutions to manage all your online channels including web, social and mobile. GX Software enables you therefore to deliver a seamless, consistent customer experience across multiple channels. This will contribute to a unified message, cost savings and it will prevent errors.

  • Search engine optimization

    Market your online presence by optimizing your website for search engines. Improve your ranking in search results and maximize your incoming traffic from search engines to increase online visibility.

  • Higher retention rate

    Combine compelling content with social media and you give visitors good reason to return. When visitors recommend your brand to their social network, see web users discussing your content, or subscribe to your newsletters or to your RSS feed, you have an opportunity to welcome them back. Interaction between visitors adds value to your content and further increases retention rates.