Build real-time individual visitor insights

The best way to start improving your online conversion rates and your website’s bottom line results is to pay close attention to your visitors interests and what they are looking for. Every click made by an individual visitor will provide you insight into his or her preferences and wishes.

Segment your visitors real-time

Based on the individually monitored visitors’ behavior, interests and preferences, Visitor Conversion Management enables you to segment your online (anonymous) visitors in real-time. This provides a great foundation for marketers to set up various targeted marketing campaigns adapted to different segments.

Targeted content and activities

You can immediately adapt your message based on what you know about your visitor. Customized, personalized content, including marketing campaign messages, products and specific activities, better fit the visitors’ wishes and will dramatically improve conversion.

Smart interactions with Interactive forms

Establish interaction with your online visitors using interactive forms. Interactive forms use all visitor insights in order to personalize and segment forms relevant to the situation. This results in an efficient and highly effective customer dialogue flow.

Advanced real-time analytics

Compared with and in addition to standard web analytic tools, Visitor Conversion Management provides you real-time analytic results based on visitor interests and available content. It will allow you to understand who, and with which interests, hit specific content like articles, videos, product information or marketing campaigns messages. This enables online marketers to analyze the effectiveness of their targeted marketing campaigns and interactions immediately.

Selling products and services on your website

Extend your customer engagement strategy by selling products and services adapted to your customer’s interest. With embedding the flexible and stable e-commerce platform to websites, online marketers and e-business professionals can now transform their online channel into a sales force.

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