GX Software - Enterprise class J2EE applications

The technologies used for our solutions meet high enterprise class standards and are tested, qualified or certified to run specifically in corporate IT environments.
Technology Partners GX Software
GX Software runs on SAP Netweaver, Oracle, Jboss, Sun, IBM Websphere, Microsoft

Enterprise Class Software

Our software solutions are based on a solid foundation of Java J2EE and open standards such as JSR-170, OSGI and Spring MVC. The architecture is designed for scalability and reliability and the solutions are used for many high volume websites and online channels. All modern J2EE containers such as Tomcat, JBoss and IBM Webpshere are supported. Our software solutions are used in many corporate IT environments from banks, insurance companies and public security organizations and comply to the highest security standards.

OSGi: Reduced complexity and easy deployment

GX solutions feature an unique component bundle architecture based on OSGi. It allows a very controlled and easy deployment of new or updated functionalities, through component bundles, by merging them into a running solution or even reverse this process. A great asset to support DTAP (Develop-Test-Accept-Production) environments.

Open Development

A major challenge for companies is to be able to execute fast. In the online world there are many opportunities and a quick time to market is essential. Due to the OSGi component architecture, any developer can quickly build and deploy new functionalities.

GX Software has a developer community at connect.gxsoftware.com that features documentation, forums and blogs. Here you can also download a Software Development Kit that allows any developer to start developing components. Many of the shelf component bundles can be found and downloaded from the component directory on www.wcmexchange.com.