Factsheet: Online Privacy

Building customer profiles under the new privacy laws

Online Privacy
To optimally serve your online visitors, you need to know who your visitors are, how they browse through your information and what is relevant for them. Until recently, this was not a problem. However, a new privacy law came into force in 2012 in Europe.

This ‘cookie law’ stipulates that organizations are required to explicitly ask their visitors in advance whether they may store personally identifiable information (PII) about them. In the USA, similar online privacy initiatives have been launched.

Privacy laws are intended to protect the online visitor’s privacy and to hand over control to them. Logically, visitors would prefer to do business with a reliable party that respects their privacy, especially online. It is therefore essential to build a relationship with your customers based on trust, by being completely transparent on the purpose of obtaining user information and the use of it: making your website more relevant and personal. With the visitor profiles you build up with BlueConic, the online engagement solution from GX Software, you do in fact comply fully with U.S. and European privacy regulations while still optimizing the user experience!

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