Capture the crowd with Online Engagement

  • Optimized online customer interactions
  • Increased online brand value
  • Highly engaged customers
  • Maximized customer value across all online channels
Increasing customer lifetime value is an important goal for organizations. To achieve this, organizations need to not only convert online visitors to customers, but they must also start a journey together with their customers using on-going, meaningful conversations. Customer engagement is crucial in building a lasting relationship that benefits both your customers and your own organization.


Marketers want to engage with their online visitors in real-time and at the right time. As soon as a visitor or customer is online, marketers want to continue the interaction through an individualized, context-rich dialogue. The different phases within the customer lifecycle are drivers for timing your messages; interacting at the right time is an important aspect of having a relevant dialogue. With GX Software, marketers can adapt their online campaigns on-the-fly, based on real-time feedback from each visitor. This results in true customer-driven online engagement.

Cross channel

Many people are spread out all across the web. Online customers interact with your organization via your websites, your mobile channels and via social media like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. GX Software enables you to achieve true customer engagement by orchestrating relevant one-on-one interactions with your visitors across all these different online channels.


Over time, companies will have literally thousands of online conversations with their customers. Through all these customer interactions, companies build up a wealth of internet marketing best practices and customer-related information that can be shared across their entire enterprise. This leads to new, cross-selling opportunities as well as enormous gains in online marketing efficiency.

Start your customer journey now and engage with your online customers, whenever and wherever they want!