Case on Conversion

  • Gather visitor intelligence
  • Target campaigns
  • Engage visitors
  • Boost conversion
Increasing the percentage of unique visitors that take a desired action while visiting your online channels has an immediate effect on your online results. The challenge lies in providing each individual with relevant content by engaging in real-time dialogue through multiple online channels.

Voetbal International

Voetbal International (VI) is part of the WPG publishing group. VI provides independent soccer information and is considered a trusted source for many sports fans. VI delivers a weekly printed magazine but has also succeeded in building a loyal online customer base consisting of millions of sports fans of different competitive teams.

VI's online channel — consisting of a rich experience website as well as a successful iPhone app — attracts millions of soccer fans. The website contains superb information, advertisements and e-commerce functions for related sports products. To build this loyal customer base and achieve online results, VI understands that content should not only fit a generic soccer sport theme but should also match individual visitor interests and needs regarding their team.

Based on individual visitor preferences and insights, VI delivers personalized, targeted content and messages to dramatically improve online results while simultaneously engaging customers in a personalized dialogue.