Visitor Conversion Management Benefits

  • Gather visitor intelligence
  • Target campaigns
  • Engage visitors
  • Boost conversion
Increasing the percentage of unique visitors that take a desired action while visiting your online channels has an immediate effect on your online results. The challenge lies in providing each individual with relevant content by engaging in real-time dialogue through multiple online channels.

Visitor Conversion Management benefits

  • Deep visitor insight

    While in the past visitors were no more than "page views" or "time on site" statistics, marketers are now able to get deep insight into their visitors. Understanding visitor interests and preferences empowers marketers to make better decisions when delivering successful interactions in real-time. Every click gives additional insight allow you to respond accordingly.

  • Targeted campaigns

    Targeting your online campaigns to specific visitor groups or segments is just a click away. Based on in-depth visitor understanding and insights you can provide targeted advertisements, product offerings or specific calls to action to visitors that fit the targeted segment. It's a simple but extremely powerful mechanism that allows you to dramatically increase your online campaign results.

  • Boosted conversion

    Adding an exciting visitor dimension to your current messages and content shakes up your online approach and takes your strategy to a higher level. Offer a compelling and personalized web experience based on individual visitors’ needs to boost your conversion rates and online results.

  • Involved visitors

    Establish an online interaction with your visitors. Identify their interests and needs, then deliver your visitors the right content. Your visitor has a greatly enhanced experience and both of you achieve your desired results.