Immediate Online Results with Visitor Conversion Management

  • Gather visitor intelligence
  • Target campaigns
  • Engage visitors
  • Boost conversion
Increasing the percentage of unique visitors that take a desired action while visiting your online channels has an immediate effect on your online results. The challenge lies in providing each individual with relevant content by engaging in real-time dialogue through multiple online channels.

Visitor Intelligence

Understanding the interests, needs and desires of your visitors is essential. Consumers increasingly demand convenience and personalization; every interaction gives you more knowledge about them. GX Software brings together online and offline data in order to provide the comprehensive visitor intelligence you need to personalize your content and convert visitors to customers more effectively and efficiently.

Optimize Effectiveness

Online marketers need the ability to analyze the effectiveness of their targeted content and campaigns. Analytics and feedback about the behavior of individuals and segments let you know immediately how your content is performing and enables increased optimization. GX Software integrates publishing, analytics and optimization to increase effectiveness by putting online marketers in control of this closed loop cycle and increase effectiveness.

Interact with your customers

GX Software empowers you to interact with your customers. Existing knowledge and real-time data combine to provide compelling content, products or services tailored to your customers' interests and needs. Adapting your content dramatically improves the relevancy of your communication and converts your interested visitor to a satisfied customer. Create additional online revenue streams by offering products and services adapted to your customers’ interests.