Web Content Management benefits

  • Reduce costs
  • Promote brand consistency
  • Enable effective corporate communication
  • Ensure security and compliance
Content lies at the heart of your website. It's what differentiates you from your peers. To make the most out of your online presence and improve online results, start at the foundation: persuasive content. Whether you offer information, products or user-generated content, GX Software lets you deliver.

Web Content Management benefits

  • Cost reduction

    The web is the most cost-efficient channel and the only which allows you to serve and sell to millions of visitors worldwide, 24/7. But keeping unnecessary costs down remains a priority and reusing your content is the most efficient way to cut down your costs. Valuable information hidden inside your organization can also deliver major cost reductions. Unleash this information for self service, online ordering and other customer-driven processes using GX Software.

  • Brand consistency

    Nothing is more important than your brand: it defines who you are. And your website content reflects your brand. Controlling content, online channels and brand consistency is the key to online success. GX Software enables corporate marketing to easily control your brand through a single online content gateway.

  • Effective corporate communication

    Corporate communications are responsible for your online channel and building your image. Effective communication professionals should be able to utilize all relevant content in order to provide the right mix of media (written content, images, video, audio, products and games). GX products ensures they will be able to create effective content and focus on delivering the right message without being limited by technology.

  • Risk reduction

    Your enterprise website needs to be easy to access but should also be safe and secure. GX provides great ways to control your content security without limiting distribution and access. Whether your're providing information for the public, to customers and business partners or for internal use, GX Software helps you to deliver regulatory compliance and reduce unnecessary security risks.