Brand Consistency and Cost Reduction

  • Reduce costs
  • Promote brand consistency
  • Enable effective corporate communication
  • Ensure security and compliance
Content lies at the heart of your website. It's what differentiates you from your peers. To make the most out of your online presence and improve online results, start at the foundation: persuasive content. Whether you offer information, products or user-generated content, GX Software lets you deliver.

Your Brand

Great content is the foundation of your online success. In fact, your content reflects who you are — your brand. A consistent brand reinforces the way your customers experience your organization, your products and your services. GX Software promotes consistent branding by enabling you to easily publish consistent content to multiple online channels and websites.

Corporate Communication

Your marketers and content professionals create persuasive content and targeted campaigns. The ability to change and respond quickly is essential. GX software promotes business agility by empowering business users without sacrificing technical integrity and control. Your content owners can now create, manage and publish persuasive content in a timely fashion without the technical hurdles.


Achieving your business goals while controlling costs can be challenging. Our approach to content also means eliminating unnecessary costs. Content is created only once and published across multiple channels. Existing knowledge is retrieved from various sources — other internet applications or CRM, PIM and ERP systems — and is used to generate personalized, rich and compelling content. GX Software's single source concept helps you reduce costs, engage customers and improve online results.