GX Software new CMS ‘XperienCentral’ delivers customized content to each visitor

On the first of November 2012, GX Software announced its new Web Content Management System, Web Manager 10 'XperienCentral'. XperienCentral is the successor of WebManager 9, with which GX Software has, served large national and international companies for years. XperienCentral is the first CMS that takes into account the physical location of a visitor and also whether he or she is on a website or on another channel, for example Facebook. XperienCentral even pays attention to the time of day and the type of persona of a visitor. The result? A customized message that fits the situation of each visitor, leading to higher engagement and better online results.
The user experience central
XperienCentral puts the online experience of visitors in the center. It is built to provide the best possible online experience in the right context. No matter whether a visitor is viewing your content on a mobile website or on a Facebook page, whether he is on the road or at home, he will have the most optimal experience at any time and in every situation.

In context editing
An important advantage for CMS users is that it becomes very intuitive to optimize content for the right channel and the right user situation. XperienCentral is the first Content Management System (CMS) that allows users to view content from the perspective of the customer and immediately edit it. In every context, channel, time of day, place and even based on the type of visitor persona. Optimizing online experiences is as simple as surfing on the web! Changes to content can be made directly and with one click, whether it is in a website, a tablet, a Facebook fan page or even in a mobile app. With XperienCentral users can manage all online experiences across all online channels in one central location.

A CMS that adapts to the user
With XperienCentral users can create content that cleverly adapts to the visitor’s context. In addition, every user can configure the CMS environment entirely to their individual wishes, by adjusting the CMS with a few clicks to the channel or the type of content he is working on. Users will always have the right tools at hand. External tools also work seamlessly in the new XperienCentral.

Builds on proven technology
XperienCentral is built on proven technology, technology that has been used by GX Software for many years for large national and international customers. Providing high scalability and freedom of development, allowing customers to develop custom applications that seamlessly align the CMS to their business processes.

Video of XperienCentral
Do you want to know more about XperienCentral or see what the system can do? Watch the video here!