Customer Case: PSV

PSV Eindhoven increases online ticket sale conversion

Creating loyal fans and increasing conversion ratios on ticket sales. This is what PSV has achieved in a short period of time by the use of BlueConic. How? More online relevancy across all channels. Read all about it in this case study.

The Eindhoven soccer club PSV had been looking for a solution that defines the involvement of individual visitors with the club. With this data it wants to create a closer relationship with fans and encourage moderately involved fans to get more involved with the club, with rising incomes as a result.

BlueConic helps PSV in determining the involvement of individual fans en then delivers customized content, among others to increase the online ticket sales and change moderately involved fans in loyal fans. By the use of BlueConic PSV has already managed to increase the conversion ratios up to 6%.

In this case study:
      - Turn moderately involved fans into loyal fans
      - Boost ticket sales conversions far above industry averages
      - Offer highly relevant content across all channels
      - Get a unified view of the audience

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